Onimusha 3

Capcom's splendid demon slayer erupts onto PC, but unfortunately, it's not the smoothest of transitions...

If you know anything about the console world, you'll be aware of the Onimusha brand. A cornerstone of PS2 gaming, the series centres around samurai characters hacking and slashing their way through a host of demons in feudal Japan.

This time though, the game features two main characters - Samanosuke and Jacques Blanc (played by Jean Reno) - and after an early inter-dimensional mix-up, alternates between the Frenchman in the ninja-laden lushness of Japan and the samurai in modern-day Paris. Combining forces, they work together to hack their way through the demon forces of pesky warlord, demon and all-round bad chap Oda Nobunaga.


The result is some hugely enjoyable (if a tad simplistic) gameplay, plenty of trademark Capcom puzzle-solving (including some great 'across time' puzzles), masses of demon-slaying action, decent characterisation, a compelling storyline and perhaps one of the best intro movies ever made.

Unfortunately, the conversion to PC is a sloppy affair, leaving it with a number of issues, such as a frame-rate that's at times slower than a bed-ridden sloth, a bizarre lack of sound effects, an option to change resolution that doesn't work and the fact that the game defaults to running in a small window. Couple these with the obligatory low-res console textures and the fact that unless you've grown four extra fingers, a pad is essential, and it's soon clear that while Onimusha 3 is still a great game, this halfarsed PC conversion doesn't quite cut it.

The verdict

Sliced and diced