F.E.A.R. confirmed for 360 scare

Monolith's superb PC shooter officially set for Xbox 360 - full disclosure in next month's OXM 360

Whispers of a souped-up Xbox 360 version of F.E.A.R. have reached our ears countless times over the last few months but, according to the UK edition of Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine, the game is indeed heading for Microsoft's next-gen console, and they'll be showing it in their next issue.

Issue #07 of OXM 360 - plonked on our desk as we write - teases with promise of the world's first Xbox 360 F.E.A.R. shots, primed for unveiling next issue. There's no news yet on who's developing the 360 version, but with original developer Monolith bustling away on pseudo-sequels using an as-yet-unannounced guise, F.E.A.R. publisher Vivendi is left to handle the Xbox 360 port.

Expect to see a full reveal of the game when the mag hits shelves May 11 - and we'll have more info from E3, going down at roughly the same time.