Liberty City Stories dated for PS2

Throw away your handhelds - Tony Cipriani's mafia adventure is heading for PlayStation 2 in June

Since its release last year GTA: Liberty City Stories has seen heavy rotation in our obscenely-smudged office PSP. Sometimes though, it's just not practical to sit on the toilet for hours of GTA deathmatching, which is why we're looking forward to the console version winging its way on to PS2.

In an announcement today, Rockstar revealed that we won't have long to wait before we're crashing cars again on our big tellies; The PSP GTA will make the jump from handheld to PS2 on June 9th, for the bargain price of 19.99 GBP - that's a proverbial supermarket of Tesco value right there.

No news yet on whether the PS2 version will feature any technical tweaks such as improved framerate or loading times, but at Rockstar's more-than-reasonable asking price we're just happy lying back on our couch for some 32" Liberty City bike racing.

We will of course have the full verdict on Liberty City Stories PS2 when it hits shops in June.