Two new Guild Wars titles every year!?

ArenaNet's Jeff Strain talks Guild Wars' future and we've a lot - literally - to look forward to if plans come to fruition

It's all hands to the pump over at ArenaNet! Jeff Strain, co-founder of the developer behind MMOG Guild Wars, has revealed that it's likely the company will deliver two new Guild Wars titles every year. Blimey!

"I would not be surprised to see something by the end of the year," Strain commented about a Guild Wars Factions follow-up in an interview in VGM Daily's podcast, adding: "Obviously we're so early in development we're not committing to any kind of release schedules, but if we're going to be on a two-a-year schedule and we're shipping one in April, that kind of helps you set the time frame for the next release."

Guild Wars Factions will be with us shortly - it's due next week, in fact - but a third Guild Wars offering appearing in 2006 too will surely have fans hopping with glee. Guild Wars 3 is expected to be shown behind closed doors at this year's E3 and, according to Strain, is actually already well into development. Guild Wars 4 is at the planning stage, and going by some quick calculations we've made should be out around April 2007 if everything goes according to plan.