Nintendo's Dalmation damnation

Nintendogs: Dalmation rumours poo-pooed by Nintendo - then responsibly scooped up in a little plastic bag

Reports have been mooching around the internet for the last few days that Nintendo is primed and ready to unleash a new version of its phenomenally successfully puppy sim in the form of Nintendogs: Dalmation & Friends.

Rumours stemmed from an erroneous retailer listing on the GAME website, originally citing a release date of June 16, which then changed to Q2 2006 before disappearing altogether.

In our desperate search for truth and justice, we contacted Nintendo who, in its ever-evasive manner, told us that the game's appearance was "an error on GAME's website and has now been removed. Nintendo have made no new announcements". Of course, as ever, that's not a flat-out denial, more... let's call it damage control.

However, the fog of fact has thickened as website has apparently unearthed a listing on the official German USK site (the equivalent of the ESRB), which has Nintendogs: Dalmation & Friends down as already reviewed for classification.

So, a new Nintendogs title primed and ready for launch this summer? Who can say for sure? Certainly not Nintendo, it seems.