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PS2 drops to $129 - No Euro cuts for now

Sony drops the price of its all-conquering current-gen marvel in the US - but has no plans for similar Euro drop

Sony has dropped the price of the PlayStation 2 in the US by 30 bucks, meaning if you fancy an extra portion of Sony's slimline current-gen machine and your name is Buck, Randy or Hank, then a brand new PS2 could be yours for a paltry $129.99.

However we've just heard from Sony who have informed us that there are no immediate plans for a similar price cut over on this side of the pond.

Still, Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Kaz Hirai felt moved enough to comment on the price drop, saying, "While we continue to innovate and design groundbreaking new products, we remain dedicated to our long-term vision for the PlayStation 2 platform."

Although PlayStation 2 has sold well in the US, shifting some 33 million units, the newest price drop will add an extra competitive edge as the console inevitably draws toward the end of its lifecycle. But at that kind of price we're pretty sure there's a bit of life in the current-gen beast yet, especially with decent stuff like God of War 2 on the way.

Shame that there's no similar Brucey bonus in the offing for us immediately, but perhaps we'll see a few shekels knocked off before too long. We should find out a bit more about PS2 Euro pricing and strategy at Sony's E3 conference on Monday 8 May.