God of War II swings site axe

Kratos' second adventure gets ready to rumble with new site, plus first screens swing their chains inside

God of War was just about our favourite PS2 hack n' slasher from last year. Not only did it present some splendidly playable and intensely visceral chain-swinging carnage, but it wrapped it all up in an epic gods and monsters storyline, with visuals that really pushed Sony's current-gen machine.

Well, as you'll probably know by now, work on God of War II: Divine Retribution continues apace as the sequel erupts all over the PS2 next year. Indeed, it's already inked in as one of our must-sees at next month's E3. As we exclusively revealed to the world, God of War is also heading for the PlayStation 3 as well, but whether we'll see that at the show, only the fates (or more accurately) Sony will decide.


Anyway that's all a nice prelude to the launch of an official God of War II site, which has just swung into existence over in the US. Although it's fairly minimal at the moment, confined largely to these new screens, plenty more is promised in the fullness of time including movies, concept art and all kinds of Kratos-related goodies.

We'll be bringing you first impressions of God of War II, when we swing our axes over in LA at E3 next month.