Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Mr Ecko sprays all over the PC, but it's basically rap with a silent 'C'

Who is Marc Ecko, and why are his contents under pressure when he gets up? Is this some bizarre game about relieving some Finnish guy's morning wood? No, turns out our Marc is a famous New York urban fashion Designer-cum-entrepreneur, and this is his fi rst foray into videogame sponsorship. First award: worst game title of the year so far.

Set in a near-future, oppressive New York, Getting Up plays you as a humble ghetto graf artist. You've got to increase your rep (man) by scrawling designs in conspicuous places while avoiding the fascistic riot police and kicking the hell out of rival turf gangs.


Already banned in Australia for glorifying vandalism, it's an odd mix of martial arts, platforming and GTA-style street roaming, and as something a little different is commendable. The whole thing is slicker than a leaking super tanker, with flashy cut-scenes and a top-drawer hip-hop soundtrack featuring Mobb Deep, Talib Kweli and Pharoahe Monch.

However, seeing as the whole point is painting on walls, it's sad you don't get to draw your own designs - although New York covered with crude cocks and balls is not quite as dope as flashy street tags. Even worse, it's designed for console, so the mouse and keyboard controls are horrendous and the disparate gameplay elements don't add up to a whole hill of black-eyed beans. Or peas. So what about a game about relieving morning wood?

The verdict

Rap with a 'C'

The Collective