Rogue Trooper straps on trailer boots

Here's what you could have bought last Friday, detailed in two trailers - plus screens

Last Friday, Eidos unleashed the Rebellion-developed action game Rogue Trooper on PC, PS2 and Xbox. Wandering into your local game emporium over the weekend, you will likely have spotted it lurking on a shelf, the pack cover sporting a blue-skinned infantryman looking like he could crack concrete with the mere flick of a blue nipple. Tempted to buy it but weren't too sure whether or not to part with the crumpled wad of notes clutched tightly in your hand? Then maybe a couple of trailers - and screenshots - on this page will help you decide.


Rebellion's Rogue Trooper is based on the character and story from the 2000AD comic, the game finding cloned Genetic Infantryman Rogue Trooper fuelled by the fury of vengeance and determined to hunt down a traitor general who betrayed Rogue's combat buddies to their deaths.