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Bad Day L.A.

American McGee's whacked-out, cell-shaded, free-roaming opus provides this year's motto for E3

The more we find out about American McGee's Bad Day LA, the more we like it. This month, our hero was revealed in all his stained glory - a tramp.

Yup, Bad Day LA will star homeless bum Antony Walker, and he alone will be the sole saviour of Los Angeles when it meets its maker. Zombies, earthquakes, plane crashes and insane super-villains - nothing is going to stand in his way, Antony's motivation being that he just wants to be left alone to enjoy the simple things in life like shouting at pigeons and urinating in the middle of the street. As he goes from place to place looking for a little R&R, people will call for his help and he'll have to rescue them. Seems you can spend years with a nasty bin-rummaging drink habit and still have a conscience. How nice.


A little more about the style of game came to light as well. LA's set out as a sprawling, free-roaming city, with Antony able to try and avoid helping people by taking back streets and quiet routes (like that's going to keep him safe!), but there is a benefit to helping others. Occasionally they'll join you, seeing you as some kind of grubby, rotten-toothed messiah. The more people you add you your party, the easier it will be to 'save LA'. But therein lies the problem. The more people helping you, the bigger problems you can solve, such as rescuing survivors of a huge plane crash. Poor Antony Walker, we're going to have to wait and see whether he manages to get himself a little peace and quiet, but judging by these screens, it looks highly unlikely.