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Sega serve up Virtua Tennis 3

New balls please! First pics and details of the tennis pro now confirmed for 360 and PS3

Sega's Virtua Tennis series has been serving up hard court sporting thrills for a fair old while in both arcade and home incarnations and now the Japanese giant has announced Virtua Tennis 3 for both Xbox 360 and PS3.

Of course Sega are using the extra power the next gen affords to add increased levels of realism with advanced photo realistic graphics and improved player animation, which will hopefully perfectly capture the stars on view (no word on who yet, can we make an early request for Maria Sharapova?). Improved AI and playability are also being touted and of course there'll be a fresh host of mini games to improve your skills and sharpen your cat-like tennis reflexes.


"This is shaping up to be an outstanding title - a genuine next generation sports game," said Matt Woodley, Creative Director of Sega. "Instant appeal and all the best of the VT brand is being added to an array of new gameplay features. Virtua Tennis 3 provides a must have in-depth experience - though I'd say the graphics alone are reason to buy and the quality is so sharp and clear you can even see the veins on the players necks!"

We've served up the first screens from the game here for you to enjoy and as you'll readily see Mr Woodley's making no idle boast. Virtua Tennis 3 is set to debut on both 360 and PS3 in spring 2007, but we'll get our first glimpse of the action at this year's E3, where we'll bring you a report live and direct from Sega's stand in the Kentia Hall.