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Play before you Prey

Prey demo in the pipeline, according to 3D Realms, plus brand new trailer to scrape your eyeballs over

Run up to your average punter in the street and shout "Prey!" at them - the first thing they'll probably do is sink to their knees and tell you they've got a family, no, please god, no, think of the children! After that, they'll probably calm down a bit and, with dawning realisation, state, "Oh THAT Prey - it's just another FPS isn't it?". Such is the problem of public perception and, to get around it, 3D Realms has revealed it's set to unleash a demo for Prey prior to release, as a means of differentiating itself from the tidlewave of other FPSs out there.

Speaking in a comments thread on website Game Matters, 3D Realms' Scott Miller explained that Prey is a "game that comes off sounding like every FPS before it, UNTIL you've played it. Even watching the videos of the game in full glory will not convey to you why this game is truly something different."

Accordingly, "That's why we're releasing a demo of Prey before the game comes out, and I feel very strongly that the demo will be our most important marketing tool for the game, by a long shot."

So, in a move harking back to the golden days of FPSs, there'll be a proper demo for you to get your jaws around prior to Prey's release. While we wait patiently for that, why not check out the brand new trailer loitering around the page.