Oblivion PS3 and PSP whispered

Will Oblivion vault on its horse and gallop on over to PS3 and PSP? First very tentative whispers inside...

Okay, we know this is flying a great big kite, but it's such juicy gossip that feel we had to share it with you, even if it should be digested with the proverbial truckload of salt. However, first word has apparently leaked that Bethesda's awesome 360 and PC RPG Oblivion may well be heading toward the PS3 and PSP before the end of the year.

We must stress again it's still a very tentative whisper to say the least, but a member of the Gaming Age forums (where many industry insiders hang out) says he has received a release list from Bethesda, which contained info that Oblivion would debut on PS3 and PSP as early as November this year.

Our colleagues over at managed to grab a quick word with Bethesda who apparently offered the following, "At present we have no announced plans to bring Oblivion to any platforms other than PC or Xbox 360. We'll certainly let folks know if that changes."

Capturing Oblivion for release on PS3 and PSP would be quite a coup for Sony, but we have to say we think it's unlikely a dual debut like this could happen so quickly. Oblivion would take some shoehorning to get it onto PSP for a start, and Bethesda has always been primarily a PC-based dev, so it might take it some while to get the massive RPG onto the PS3 with its new and very different system architecture.

There's also exclusivity deals to consider - would Microsoft be happy seeing one of the 360's most compelling titles on a rival's platform so soon? And surely MS would have locked up some kind of exclusivity deal? Still, it is just possible a PS3 version of Oblivion will sneak out sometime and an intriguing offering it would be too. Perhaps E3, as ever, will hold the answers.