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Prey out in July

2K Games confirms release month for the PC and Xbox 360 alien-blasting, gravity-flipping first-person shooter

Funnily enough, only the other day we were scratching heads and wondering what's happened to Prey because we've been expecting it to be out, well, like really, really soon. It turns out that the PC and Xbox 360 FPS has been bumped to July, 2K Games confirming the new release month at a recent pre-E3 2006 event over in the States.

A summer of Prey love beckons then, with the Human Head Studios-developed shooter finding players filling the boots of Cherokee garage mechanic and reluctant hero Tommy and blowing aliens to smithereens. We've been impressed by what we've seen of the game to date and pleasantly surprised by the innovative features that have been included. Needless to say, Prey is certainly hovering near the top of our 'must-have' FPS list for 2006. Roll on July and if you need to know more, check out our extensive previous coverage on Prey, by pointing eyes right.