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Eidos issues new Blood Money media

Hitman: Blood Money movie reveals old baldie's caring side as he warns against household mishaps. Plus: new screens

Yet another movie reaches us from our old friend Agent 47, and we're pleasantly surprised to see that he seems to have turned over a new leaf. 'Accidents', as the movie is called, is a cautionary tale highlighting all the terrible things that can happen around the home if you're not very, very careful.

Gasp as some poor woman bursts into flames and falls into a swimming pool. Wince as a waiter topples carelessly to his doom over a balcony. Whimper as a falling chandelier crushes a crowd of policemen. Tragic accidents each and every one of them. Purely coincidental that a certain bald-headed killer just 'happens' to be lurking nearby. Oh, and there are 12 new screenshots for you to drool over as well, including some particularly juicy headshots.

Hitman: Blood Money is due out on May 30.