Rainbox Six: Vegas

Big money, big guns - Team Rainbow reveals its latest hand

At first we thought Ubisoft had taken leave of its senses, but this, the second of two Rainbow Six games heading our way this year (the first being mashed-up mission pack Critical Hour) is a sly one. Think for a moment. What environment would be the single worst place for a tactical, covert-ops, shadow-dwelling government task force? One that's swamped with bright lights, tourists, show-tunes and noise? Welcome to Vegas, guys! The city is being held hostage, the Strip's packed with explosives, and Celine Dion's world-famous show is under threat of closure. Gasp!

But when terrorists try their hand at making a play for the money in casino-land, it's only natural the R6 guys step in. Say hello to squad leader and reconnaissance expert Logan Keller, explosives and demolitions man Michael Walter, and Jung Park, a sniper with vital electronics expertise.


Looking at the various disciplines of the three Rainbow Six members, it's clear what kind of game this is going to be. Through a combination of knocking out lights and electronic devices, this is going to be about instilling fear in the enemy, then taking them out with the big guns. You'll be making Vegas a city of shadows, not being illuminated from every angle. Expect a lot of careful recon and planning before going in with all guns blazing.

You'll also be able to case out where you want to be dropped and how to best execute an attack from a chopper hovering high above the city before wading in. And with all of your men equipped with night vision, the signs are you'll be knocking out the lights and creeping about in the dark...

Ubisoft has been super-careful to reproduce Vegas down to the last inch. Famous landmarks and casinos make an appearance, such as the illuminated walkway, the Bellagio and Caesar's Palace, all of which can been seen when you're scoping out the city from overhead. There are also bigger, more luxurious interiors too, taking the action indoors among the slot machines and craps tables. In one mission your guys have to rappel through the skylights high above a hotel lobby, descending through a shower of enemy bullets. Next, they'll be storming a half-built hotel packed with scaffolding, in the dark...