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Metal Slug Anthology going for Wii

We wonder how far we can stretch our Wii headlines as Metal Slug Anthology is announced for Nintendo's console

As next week's E3 show draws even closer, the Revolution, erm, Wii, roster, is growing larger by the day. Added to the Wii line-up Metal Slug Anthology, which was confirmed to be Wii-bound in an online interview with developer SNK.

Speaking to IGN, SNK Playmore president Ben Herman divulged the first details on Metal Slug Anthology and talked all things Wii. "Fans worldwide have been looking forward to our return to Nintendo platforms and what better way then to bring our complete Metal Slug arcade collection to Wii," said Herman. "Our fans have demanded that we support Nintendo platforms. Let the celebration begin."

Before you follow Mr. Herman's orders and get the Cliff Richard CDs out, cast your eyes over the exciting Metal Slug Anthology line-up, which includes Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X and all the other 'Slug sequels up to the fifth instalment. The Metal Slug collection is also slated for PSP, although Herman promised that in the Wii version the wand-controller will be used "in a new and unique way that enhances the gameplay."

Look out next week for more Metal Slug Anthology coverage direct from Nintendo's Wii booth. We promise it'll stop sounding funny eventually.