Pandemic lets slip Mercenaries 2

Cash-for-kills sequel confirmed by the developer, which is said to be building the new game from scratch

Developer Pandemic Studios has finally blown the lid off the expected Mercenaries 2 - subtitled World in Flames - the sequel to its freeform action game Mercenaries that caused quite a stir on current-gen consoles.

Specific details on Mercenaries 2 are a little thin on the ground but, according to reports, Pandemic is building the sequel's 'playground of destruction' from scratch to take full advantage of next-generation technology. No mention of platforms has been made, but Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are a pretty safe bet, with the developer possibly showering PC with Mercenaries love this time around too.

We'll find out more on Mercenaries 2: World in Flames at E3 next week, but in the meantime here's comment from Pandemic Studios CEO Andrew Goldman on the follow-up:

"While the original Mercenaries' high-octane, go anywhere, do anything and blow the crap out of everything style was a hit with gamers, the whole experience was screaming to run on next-generation game systems... And while we're building on the core mercenary experience we created for the original, we've taken full advantage of next-gen technology to offer a more richly detailed, reactive, living world than gamers have ever seen before."