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All hell breaks loose in Brothers in Arms

New 'strip show' set of screenshots from Hell's Highway reveal bazooka team blowing stuff up

Ubisoft has released impressive new screenshots from Gearbox's sequel Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway on this morning of glorious sunshine. The four in-game images depict a US bazooka team neutralising a German heavy machinegun situated in the upper-floor window of a building. It's like a little strip show - but without any clothes falling off - so you should view them in sequence for best effect. You could even print them off and create a little flick-book to amaze your friends with.

We recently spoke with Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford about the developer's new Brothers in Arms game and also ran first ever footage. The sequel will be present at E3 next week, so expect more soon - including a new trailer which Ubisoft is promising will be winging its way to us shortly.