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Reservoir Dogs shoot the place up

Quentin Tarantino's cult classic shoots onto PC and consoles - and you CAN be Mr. Black

Where did Mr. Pink hide the diamonds? What happened at the heist? What's in the briefcase? All these questions (bar the last one) will be answered in Eidos Interactive's Reservoir Dogs game, heading for PC and consoles later this year.

The game adaptation of 'Dogs takes the shape of third-person shooter, following the film's plot meticulously while filling in any plot holes along the way. According to Eidos' brand lady Helen Lawson, the Reservoir Dogs game will "appeal to both movie and gaming fans, and offers an unprecedented opportunity to play through the events of the movie and fill in the gaps."

No news yet on whether you'll be able to chop unfortunate NPC's ears off, but we are promised the full inclusion of the film's excellent soundtrack and the chance to play as all your favourite gangsters.

Reservoir Dogs is due on Playstation 2, Xbox and PC in autumn. We'll get stuck in the middle and let you know how it turns out.