X-Men: The Official Movie Game

It's mutations ahoy as The Uncanny X-Men return to the videogame world

With the third X-Men movie released in May, (entitled The Last Stand, though whether it turns out to be that is anybody's guess), there's a new Xbox 360 game on the way too. Well, who could have have seen that coming?

Z-Axis is handling development duties across four major game platforms, so don't expect a massive Xbox 360 advantage. One thing we are promised is variety - 28 levels full of it. By incorporating different styles of play within the levels, the developer's hoping that will be key in keeping the experience fresh.

Different missions will highlight and utilise the special powers of the X-Men; combat-orientated missions, for example, will make the most of harnessing Wolverine's berserker rage, while stealth and platform skills will be attributed to Nightcrawler's sections. Playing as Iceman will require an entirely different set of skills, as he surfs along a self-created ice bridge and tries to complete mission objectives in the fastest time possible.


Events unfolding in the game will bridge the time period between the second and third movies, with the conclusion linked directly into the opening of The Last Stand. It's a nice idea, though we can only hope that it manages to avoid the pitfalls of Enter the Matrix, which tried unsuccessfully to run both game and movie storylines in parallel with each other - but ended up a confused mess. We'll soon find out.