F.E.A.R. officially spooking Xbox 360

Monolith's impressive PC FPS finally confirmed for Microsoft's next-gen console

Well, we can't say we were particularly overcome with shock and surprise when this one reached our ears, but Vivendi has officially announced that it's bringing Monolith's acclaimed PC first-person shooter F.E.A.R. to Xbox 360 - and it's going to happen this autumn.

The news is likely to cause delirious paroxysms of joy to 360 owners who've been twitching for more quality shooter action since hanging up controllers on Far Cry Instincts Predator. What's more, in anticipation of F.E.A.R.'s official Xbox 360 unveiling, we've got the very first screenshot for you to go slack-jawed and dribbly over during the extruciating wait.


In F.E.A.R., players strap on the combat boots of a member of a classified strike team attempting to discover what the hell is going on in a multi-billion dollar aerospace compound where, among other things, a crack Special Forces unit has been brutally annihilated. Action is delivered in spades, with a hefty dose of horror added that'll make your underpants fly off in fright.

There's not much more to add, other than to say that the game's set for the full royal treatment at this year's E3, kicking off next week - and we'll be on-hand to give you the full low-down on the title.