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Sega and PGR dev reveal top secret project!

Welcome to The Club, a third-person action-shooter spraying bullets on next-generation console

Sega and Project Gotham Racing dev Bizarre Creations have finally blown the lid off the top secret project the two have been collaborating on. Called The Club (working title), it's a third-person shooter heading to next-generation platforms, Bizarre describing the game as a "gritty and frenetic modern day gun game based around an illegal underground game of death taking place in a range of evocative locations from around the globe."

Sounds a bit like a mixture of movies The Running Man, Fight Club, Battle Royale and The Game.

"The Club is a loosely organised and highly illegal underground entity", Sega has further explained. "The Club is a meeting ground for those seeking the ultimate in vicarious thrills, and those who want to watch them. You have been entered into the sport, and against the odds must fight for survival. Set in a variety of unusual and evocative locations scattered across the globe, you will be wielding high-powered weaponry in a bid to earn your escape. Your first task is to survive, but you must kill according to their rules - quickly, relentlessly and with style."


Bizarre is apparently redefining and refreshing the mechanics of the third-person shooter genre with The Club. In addition, there's talk of the game focusing on "addictive and rewarding gameplay", with player skills tested to the limit and the title steaming along at a relentless pace "never before seen within the genre".

Want more potential hyperbole? "Offering frantic, fast paced gameplay with a unique style, tone and storyline that drips with energy, attitude and anarchy, The Club will be a genuine showcase for the capabilities of the next-gen platforms by maximising the graphical and audio technology available to give a gameplay experience that is second to none."

Well, some major boasts there, and whether this is indeed all hyperbole or these grand claims about The Club are on the money will be discovered at E3 next week, where the game is being presented by Bizarre Creations behind closed doors. Oh, and if your name's not on the list, then you'll have to settle for a video that'll be running on the show floor for all and sundry.

The Club is due in 2007.