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PSP, PS2 jump behind Test Drive Unlimited wheel

New platforms hitting Hawaiian island tarmac and screeching off into the sunset

Atari's announced that its Xbox 360 and PC racing title Test Drive Unlimited is now additionally power-sliding on Oahu - an unpronounceable Hawaiian island - roads on PS2 and PSP.

Despite the two Sony machines being unable to keep pace with 360 and PC in the hardware arena, Atari is promising that the newly announced versions will retain most of the core gameplay features found in the 'bigger' iterations of TDU. Which means PS2 and PSP will be busting a gut to deliver "seemingly endless miles of streaming Hawaiian roads, server-based online play, over 70 luxury supercars rendered in painstaking detail, solo challenges, player-created races, car upgrades and downloadable content."

Test Drive Unlimited on PSP is also getting a sneaky little exclusive in the shape of an Arcade Race mode for single-player "for snack-sized play". Yummy.

All four versions of Test Drive Unlimited are due this autumn.