F.E.A.R. expansion terrorises E3

New PC expansion Extraction Point in the works for Monolith's ultra-chilling FPS

A new F.E.A.R. expansion will be revealed at this year's E3 according to the latest word streaming in from sunny LA-land.

Vivendi has confirmed the F.E.A.R. PC expansion - known as Extraction Point - to accompany its recent announcement of a 360 version of the horror shocker shooter, with a release apparently set as early as this autumn.

TimeGate Studios is charged with dev duties, apparently working alongside original developer Monolith. As the name suggests, you'll take up expansion duties where the original game left off, battling Alma and her compadres with the usual raft of enhanced weapons, new enemies and new locations to explore.

More on Extraction Point will no doubt be revealed when E3 kicks off in earnest this week, and we're now in situ in LA la land ready to bring you all the latest from the pre-show and the mighty monstrosity which is the show itself.

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