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Exclusive: Free Radical's Haze-y new FPS

Ultra-secret sources deliver juicy details on the TimeSplitters dev's new FPS, heading for next-gen in 2007

The E3 pre-show campaign is due to kick off in less than 24 hours and already our arm of super-secret news hounds are piping up with juicy game announcements exclusively for you, the CVG readers.

We already know that band of ex-Goldeneye devs, Free Radical is showing off its new FPS - codenamed Game V (or Game Five) which is being developed in collaboration with Ubisoft - at this week's show. However, we've just learned from a secret source speaking under conditions of strict anonymity that the game will be called 'Haze', and is heading for PS3, 360 and Xbox 360 early next year.

We're sure the week's events will shed plenty more light on Haze, but for now all we know is that name, that the story apparently revolves around bio-med modifications, and features "difficult strategic choices and moral dilemmas." One such dilemma came up last night when we tried to decide between a chicken and regular donner kebab.

We'll have lots more on Haze when it's officially unveiled in a few days time.