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PS3 takes on Virtua Fighter

Fifth dose of Virtua Fighter heading to the PS3. First screens here

Sega has dealt a potentially virtual blow to rival consoles with the announcement of Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3 only. Well, 'only' thus far, at least.

The cult head-kicker-in series will entertain Sony's newbie console with a cast of 17 fighters, including two new entrants to the arena, a 'side-approaching' offensive move (extra strategy, people), and an in-game shop for pimping up money-winning combatants.

Of the two new characters, you can find Mexico's El Blaze, a master of the Lucha Libra fighting style (throwing burritos at opponents?), and China's Eileen, who battles her foes using a monkey-oriented Kung Fu system.


Elsewhere, the new offensive move enables you to approach/attack opponents from a side angle, giving you extra ways of infuriating the enemy. And winning bouts rewards you with cash, which can be spent on costumes, attachable body items and other such goodies.

Virtua Fighter 5 is being developed by Sega Studios, will support 720p resolution, and will storm onto PS3 console around spring time next year. It will also probably be a bit good. That's our gut feeling, anyway.