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Activision reveals E3 line-up

Quake Wars, two Tony Hawk's games confirmed for next-gen and more

Activision has announced its E3 line-up, with confirmation that there will be two new Tony Hawk's titles on show - Project 8 for the PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, Xbox and PS2 and Downhill Jam for the Nintendo Wii, DS and GBA.

The latter title promises to be a bit of a departure for the 'boarding maestro. Rather than solely racking up the improbable combos, the focus is much more on head-to-head racing. Steep terrain across San Francisco and Machu Picchu will give you the playground to burn plastic, with nine playable characters, time-based challenges and 'race', 'trick' and 'slalom' modes adding to the melee.

As for Project 8, the early signs suggest that this will be more like the Tony Hawk of yore. There will be true to life competitions featuring some of the world's top pros, plus plenty of tricks-based fun.

The other talking point delivered by Activision's E3 schedule is confirmation of three launch titles for both the PS3 and Nintendo Wii - Call Of Duty 3 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance will appear on both formats from their respective releases, while the aforementioned Tony Hawk's titles will also be available from day one.

Other titles to look out for include Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack (both PC) and World Series of Poker:Tournament of Champions (360, PS2, PC, PSP).