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Stop Press: Square unsheathe Dragon Quest Swords for Wii

New Dragon Quest title set for Wii launch featuring hot sword swinging controller action

Square Enix has unsheathed its sword today in another cracker from its pre-show conference in the form of Dragon Quest Swords, a brand new title for Nintendo's Wii.

From the same series as the epic Dragon Quest VIII, Japan's all consuming monster RPG, Dragon Quest Swords is subtitled The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors and our man on the spot told us it was shown in trailer form only but described it as one amazing looking movie.

What's most intriguing is that Dragon Quest Swords will be in place for the Wii's launch before the end of this very year and the trailer was said to feature a heroic warrior fighting with a hideous monster in a darkened woodland setting, with the Wii's controller being used to direct sword strokes as he grappled with the beast.

Our man on the spot will be hot footing back to provide further killer details, so keep it tuned to CVG for all the latest Dragon Quest info and the best E3 coverage.