Call of Duty 3 Movie hits!

Liberate Paris on 360, PS3, Wii and current-gen. No PC though.

While the world was watching Sony, World War 2 continued to rage online as the first details and visuals of Call of Duty 3 leeched into the public sphere. Questions unanswered include: what's Infinity Ward's involvement? Why the spurning of the PC? Is that slo-mo bit actually part of the game, or just a way to make it look pretty?

Questions answered (other than any covered by needlessly trotting out footage of previous games) run as follows. It looks gorgeous - if the visuals are accurate and unafflicted by CG-itis. There's a much greater emphasis on body-awareness what with the constant head-bobbing, diving and ducking on show - and a remarkably nippy pace to boot. There's a much greater level of interactivity with the Nazis, as indicated by the tussle with Fritz at the movie's close - something that could only be made more physical by using and abusing the tilt-functionality of PS3 or the wonders of Wii. Finally, environmental effects from smoke, to explosions to the dance of light on your gun muzzle are bloody amazing.

With the Call of Duty franchise now solely bearing an authoriative number, with silly subtitles like Big Red One apparently having been ditched, there are countless questions that we still want to answered...

But we'll ask them all, of course, as our E3 coverage continues. But this autumn we'll be liberating Paris, that's a given.