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Formula One 06 races to PS3

Next-gen hardware to offer the most realistic realisation of the motorsport yet - apparently

Get set for Formula One 06 to appear in high definition glory on the Playstation 3, giving players the opportunity to "truly interact with the sport", according to Sony.

Formula One 06 will include all the official stuff you would expect from a Formula One game, official drivers, circuits, cars, teams and even the official rules from the world of Formula One.

Sony exclaimed that the new Formula One is "as close as it can get to the real thing", promising added realism not only in the graphic and sound department but also with the inclusion of elements new to the genre such as pre race warm-ups, unexpected collisions and a "safety car" feature offering possible new strategic opportunities.

Sony's additionally mentioned that the PSP will work with the game, giving players the opportunity to use PSP as sort of wing mirror.

Finally - ooh look, some screenshots. Enjoy.