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Eidos gets Miller's tale 300

Frank Miller graphic novel to march onto the PSP in a show of blood, sweat and sandals

Seeing that just about everyone loved the Sin City movie, news that Eidos has acquired publishing rights to the PSP game of the movie of Frank Miller's other graphic novel, 300: March To Glory, should be accompanied by the widespread consumption of fine Greek wines.

Developed by Collision Studios, 300: March To Glory puts you in the sandaled feet of King Leonidas, whose claim to fame is the leading of 300 Spartans against Xerxes and his enormous Persian army. This translates into large, pixellated bloodbuckets of sword-wielding slashery. Sadly, no sign of a hunchbacked Mickey Rourke ripping off Elijah Wood's limbs.

The 300 movie is currently in production for next year. Interestingly, directorial duties have fallen to Zack Snyder, the guy not only behind 2004's impressive Dawn Of The Dead remake, but who is also currently working on the Rainbow Six movie, due out in 2007 as well.

There is no news of 300: March To Glory appearing on any other formats as yet, nor is there any confirmation of a release date. But if that changes, we'll let you know.