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Wii swings for Sports compilation

Wii Sports announced for Nintendo's newie. A dangerous entendre for watersports?

Wii Sports? Is Nintendo not aware how slightly crude that reads in European territories? Obviously not, because it's been announced and it's a compilation of three (liable to increase) sporting ventures for you to get your batting hands around. Keep your dirty minds at bay, people.

Designed to make full use of Wii controller's tilting and swinging abilities, 1-4 players will be able to swing a racquet in Tennis, deftly performing lobs, slices and spinners while the console controls your movement. Baseball is for 1-2 people, and is all about timing. Golf, finally, is a single-player game with enhanced interaction.

It's possible that further games could be added to the Wii Sports roster before its TBA release. Don't suppose there's any chance of a cricket game, is there Nintendo?