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Wii to house Resident Evil exclusive

Nintendo's next-gen haunted by exclusive Resident Evil title

If Nintendo was looking for something that it could wave under the noses of its rivals and say "ha ha, look what we've got", then point to the Resident Evil game, just exclusively announced for Wii by Capcom.

The revelation was made known at E3, with Capcom resisting the temptation to release gameplay and story details, only saying that the survival horror game will make good use of the Wii's inventive controller.

"The next-generation console Wii is garnering much attention with its groundbreaking new controller," read an official company statement. "The new Resident Evil game for the console will combine the series' intense gaming experience and atmosphere with the revolutionary control system of the Wii."

The decision has clearly been born out of the enormous success enjoyed by Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube. Resident Evil 5, which is in development for Xbox 360 and PS3, could possibly also appear on the Wii - we just don't know. We're pretty excited by this, so stay tuned for any further news.