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First Impressions: Pro Evo 2006 hits DS!

The best handheld footy game yet?

The beautiful game hits DS and enters the premier league

Konami today unveiled Pro Evolution Soccer 2006 for Nintendo DS and we've been playing it non stop.

The biggest surprise is that it actually beats Pro Evolution Soccer on PSP hands down, offering smoother play and killer visuals. Konami producer Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka previously apologised for the lacklustre PSP debut but has clearly made amends on DS.

DS exclusive elements include the ability to adjust formation settings mid match with the stylus. The lower screen also acts as a radar and shows player stats. Player animation looks spot on and the only minor disappointment is the lack of 3D replays. Wi-fi play works brilliantly and Nintendo fans finally have a football game worth shouting about. Expect Pro Evolution Soccer 2006 to arrive in September.