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Hellboy for next-gen consoles

Big Red smashes his way onto PS3, 360 and PSP

After over a year of speculation, Konami has finally confirmed that legendary red-all-over comic book hero Hellboy will be dragging his huge mutant fist to PS3, 360 and PSP in 2007, presumably to tie in with the release of the movie sequel, Hellboy: The Golden Army, which is due out in the US in June '07.

Currently in development at Krome Studios, Hellboy features the Dark Horse Comics superstar in all his radiant red glory, squishing bad guys and stroking his beloved pet kittens with his versatile Right Hand of Doom. Actually we're not sure about the kittens bit, that's more like wishful thinking.

Anyway, according to Hans-Joachim Amann, Konami's Head of European Product Management, "Hellboy unleashes the raw power of the comic book icon with devastating hand to hand combat, an intricate grappling system and fully destructible environments." Which basically means you get to smash stuff up.

The story sees Hellboy chasing a crazed witch and uncovering a fiendish scheme to take over the world by Hermann von Klempt, Hellboy's arch nemesis, familiar to all fans of the comic book series. Battling over six unique locations, you get the chance to pound everything in sight with your giant fist. Like Hellboy himself, the game is an unreconstructed, back-to-basics brawler, where your main task is to batter the living daylights out of wave after wave of evil hellspawn.

The context-sensitive combat system enables the player to charge-up Hellboy's strikes and unleash lighting-fast combos. You can also use that big ol' fist to grapple your opponents to death and use them as human shields. Nice.

Also included is a co-operative mode, where players can fight alongside favourite characters such as Hellboy's main squeeze Liz Sherman and fishy friend Abe Sapien. More details as soon as we get our (normal-sized) hands on them.