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Final Fantasy XII screens!

Square Enix unveils lush new FFXII screenshots featuring several pretty blonde people gazing into the sky

Isn't life great, eh? The sun's shining, the World Cup's about to start, and Square Enix has released six gorgeous new FFXII screens featuring assorted photogenic citizens of Dalmasca, including handsome hero Vaan and his travelling companion Princess Ashe, sole-surviving heir to the Dalmascan throne.

So just who is this Vaan, and what's his story, then? Well, he's an angry young man living on the streets of Rabanastre, seething with resentment at the overlords of the Archadian Empire who have enslaved the Dalmascan people. After he hooks up with Princess Ashe, the pair set out on a journey through the land of Ivalice, uncovering the many secrets of the shadowy Archadian Empire on the way, and meeting others who share their cause.


It all sounds like typically epic Final Fantasy adventuring action, and we're bursting at the seams to actually get a chance to play the thing and get to grips with the all-new Active Dimension Battle system, which apparently enables you to move seamlessly from combat to exploration without your screen going all funny in the middle.

No more random battles and long load times, can you believe it?! Combat has also been upgraded, with the introduction of the "gambit system", which apparently adjusts the way in which each character fights, based on their own individual style. Fans can expect the usual sweeping orchestral soundtrack and sumptuous CG cutscenes. But will there be moogles and chocobos? Let's hope so. Look for FFXII in the shops around October.