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First impressions: Haze

We get our first taste of Haze - the sweary, satirical new game from the TimeSplitters team

Haze, the newest game from TimeSplitters creator Free Radical, is a satirical, sweary shooter that's part Starship Troopers, part Halo and all drug fuelled carnage.

You're a member of the private army of Mantel Global Industries, the year 2025's pharmaceutical, technological and military supplier of choice. Soldiers - and the population - are hooked on Nectar, Mantel's cure-all drug that makes everyone happy and nice and warm and loved.

We've seen one level. A chopper drops a team of Mantel's finest in a South American jungle, and what a jungle. Shrubbery surrounds you, look up and you see a gorgeous waterfall, and everything has a hazy look, dreamy feel to it. Maybe that's where the name comes from.

It's dirty jungle warfare with a sense of humour. Think Halo set in the Vietnam war and you'll know what to expect. Annoyingly, like most of the coolest Xbox 360 shizzle, Haze won't be out until 2007, but you can peer through the haze at the first Haze screenshots here and even a first movie to see the game in action. Now we're for more carnage and we'll try not to say Haze any more.