Wii will, Wii will stab you

Ubisoft releases new Red Steel screenshots plus fresh details - including brief multiplayer info

As much as we love the idea of the tiny speaker built into the Wii controller, we wonder just how far some game developers will go in terms of realism. Take Red Steel for example, the lush new Ubisoft game in which you get to wield the Wii controller like a ceremonial katana. Will the controller gurgle as you slash your opponent's jugular, or maybe emit a nice squelchy noise as you poke them in the kidney? We can but hope.

Sadly no word from Ubisoft on controller death-throw noises to date, but what we have learned is that the game centres around the murder of a Japanese Yakuza big-wig and the kidnapping of his daughter. You get to travel from Los Angeles to Japan in an effort to unravel the mystery and rescue the girl.


Judging by these screens, the first-person slashing, running and gunning action is spectacular to say the least, and another reason why the Wii launch line-up is starting to look very exciting indeed. You get to replicate slashing and shooting movements with your revolution controller, as well as executing deadly combos with multiple swords.

You'll probably have to pinch yourself hard to remind yourself you're not in a John Woo movie. Oh, and there's talk of freezing time, and split-screen multiplayer options and apparently you can even choose to spare your enemies if they beg. We won't be doing that.