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Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 bounces into view

The girls hit the beach again with more than just volleyball on their minds. First shots!

Tina, Hitomi, Helena, the lovely Kasumi and all their 'friends' are set to bring a ray of sunshine to Xbox 360 in Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2. The 'volleyball' part has been dropped from the name as developer Tecmo acknowledges that really, this was never about sporting prowess.

Looking hotter than ever, radiant in their next-gen glory, the girls return to Zak's Island to soak up the rays, compare bikinis and take part in a number of water sports (snigger) and beach activities.

The volleyball is back in a 'retooled' format, while other distractions include personal water craft - jet-ski - races, a water slide, hip wrestling (in which you attempt to knock your opponent off a platform by bumping her with your bum!), the original's hopping game and something called 'beach flag', in which you race another girl across the sand to be the first to capture a flag - or just fall over in a heap and start giggling.


Come nightfall, there's the chance to let your hair down in Zak's Casino, which now features even more games. In between all this, of course, you'll be kept busy buying new outfits and gifts for your pretend girlfriend. Online versus modes complete the package.

Dead Or Alive: Xtreme 2 is due out on Xbox 360 at the end of the year.