First look: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Everything looks great in Ubisoft's WW2 FPS - including the floor...

Welcome to the 360 version of BiA: HH and the action kicks off in a small Dutch town, with our new set of heroes indulging in some boisterous and laid-back chit-chat in a local cafe. Then, predictably enough seeing as this is a war game, a bomb hits right when you're only-a-bit-expecting-it and makes everything catch fire, fall apart or blow up.

Your team soon hits the street guns and the ready and there's a pretty damn obvious realisation that this is using every 'silicon chip' within Xbox 360. Crawl on the floor and you can see the debris - lumps of brick and glass are everywhere - in way more detail than is strictly necessary.


The Dutch streets are lined by gently swaying trees, and if you're the sort of geek who examines stuff in minute detail like us, you'll notice the shadows the trees cast on the ground gently moving around as they sway. Were it not for the fact that's everything's either on fire or getting blown up and everyone's either bleeding or dead, it'd be quite beautiful and relaxing.

While we're admiring the trees a stray bazooka takes the chimney off a nearby house and it crashes down in the road amid a shower of masonry. You're able to run up to this and use it as cover, helping with your mission of taking out the German gun emplacements that are firing up at Our Boys' bombers in the sky.

We only saw this one dramatic, opening mission, but it looked bloody good and certainly not just Brothers in Arms 2 in high-res. Should be all right and it's due out before the end of the year - you can check out more BiA:HH action at our dedicated home page right here, but we'll bring you more from the BiA frontline soonest.