First look: Turok

Macho men rumble in jungle with T-Rexes and knives

There's a new knife weapon for stealth kills in Xbox 360 Turok, but we sure as hell didn't see any stealth being used in our balls-out one-level demo of next-gen dino combat.

You play the most macho man in the world, who's wisecracking his way through the jungle with his equally testosterone-pumped and buff buddy. It's like two Bruce Willis' going head to head in a showing-off-in-front-of-girls competition. We didn't see it, but wouldn't be surprised if there was a scene in which one of the guys punches out a T-Rex then bites its head off.

The level we saw starts off with you fighting normal, generic grunts in a steamy jungle basin, before things go bad and the dinosaurs turn up. Then the bigger dinosaurs turn up, eat all the smaller ones, then decide you're the pudding.


If one of the smaller dinos gets you the camera switches to an external shot, with your man whipping out his knife and stabbing away at the thing's head until it gives up. If one of the bigger ones gets you you're just sort of eaten.

Our test screening was very short, but what we saw of next-gen Turok was pretty impressive for a game in which you continuously machine gun dinosaurs. The dinos look good too - remember ten years ago when everyone was lying about "Jurassic Park-level graphics" on home consoles like the N64 and PS1? That time's actually arrived.

At least, it'll arrive at the end of 2007 when Turok comes and 360