You can find Bizarre Creations in The Club

First impressions of Bizarre's new SEGA collaboration inside...

The Club is a shooting game but there's no sqaud to order around. There's not much in the way of gritty realism, either - The Club is a high-speed, high-scoring, arcade combo challenge that has you racing though levels killing enemies against the clock.

You have eight seconds. Eight seconds to shoot someone or you lose your score multiplier. That's it. That's how it works. That's all you have to do, with additional style and skill bonuses popping up from time to time to further boost your scores.

It's not about stealth, it's about finding a quick, efficient line through the level - and keeping your combo running. If you remember SEGA's ancient Virtua Cop shooter, this uses a very similar combo system - and it was these similarities that made Bizarre approach SEGA to publish it. That's today's Hot Sega Fact!

The Club ranks you on Xbox Live through every level too, in a similar way to Bizarre's Gotham racing series. So people with addictive personalities will wither away to pale, skinny shells in their bedrooms while trying to beat DeATHZor_2K3's score on Xbox Live.

There'll be online play, too, but seeing as The Club's not out for another year not much was said about it.

Look at some lovely pictures of what it's going to look like here.