Sony announces pair of EyeToy games for PS2

EyeToy brings new and creative ways to make you look a complete tit in front of the telly

Good news for those who've just put on six pounds of E3 burger lard - Sony has announced two new EyeToy games for PS2, which should have you shedding that flabby gut - whilst looking like a prize fool - in no time.

The first of the two is EyeToy: Play Sports, which promises to feature over 101 "off-the-wall" mini-games including surfing, archery, sumo wrestling and pub favourite, darts. Play Sports is down for release at the end of the year. Whether or not we'll care after experiencing the wonders of Wii tennis remains to be seen.

The second of the dynamic EyeToy duo is Kinetic Combat, an "interactive fitness product" which presumably does an even better job of making you look silly in front of your friends and family. Kinetic Combat promises to teach you the ways of Hung Gar Kung Fu, recognising over 200 moves and dishing out feedback on whether you're doing them correctly or just waving your arms like a mentalist.

EyeToy: Play Sports

EyeToy: Kinetic Combat doesn't have a release date at the moment. Screenshots from both titles can be seen on this very page.