Pirates plunder Oblivion

Upcoming new content for Bethesda's RPG - create your own band of peg-legged cutlass brandishers, apparently

"Basically, it's Goonies", is the brief explanation from Bethesda on Thieves Den, new content for the developer's monster RPG Oblivion that, according to, is due to release within the next fortnight.

Thieves Den is a downloadable mission (which you'll have to pay for, presumably) that finds adventurers battling for control of cave that happens to be home to a "haunting pirate ship", it says on Assume control of the cave and it's your to keep - forever. Apparently, you'll be able to create your own band of pirates too and go a-plundering, as well as embark on a spot of decorating - with furniture - in the captain's chamber. Fear my chaise longue you scurvy scum, ah-harrggghhhh!

Although this info has been blown our way from the official Xbox site, we imagine Thieves Den will release for Oblivion PC too. We've not actually spotted any official word on the mission on Bethesda's Elder Scrolls website as yet, but if it truly is only two weeks away we'll surely be hit with that soon.