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Pro Evo: seven million back of the nets

Pro Evo racked up seven million happy punters worldwide last year - can it topple FIFA in sales as well as affection?

Arsenal fans, sympathy and consolation from us neutral types this morning. You gave it your all against the best team in the world and, if it wasn't for the antics of Jens Lehmann and some shocking refereeing decisions, it could all have been so different.

Still, there's always next season even maybe sans Henry; and so, when you've finished crying into your beer tonight, chances are you'll fire up a footy game on your favourite console, select Arsenal vs Barcelona and try to right the wrongs of last night's defeat. And chances are the game you'll be booting up is Pro Evo, the acknowledged game of choice for hardcore footy addicts the world over.

But now it's official, with news reaching us today that Seabass's magnum opus Pro Evo sold over seven million units worldwide in the last financial year, a 'record high' according to Konami.

Does it mean that Pro Evo is finally set to outstrip EA's all-conquering FIFA franchise? Well naturally we've put in a call to EA to find out, but of course in the larger scheme of things it matters not one jot, since the PES gospel is spreading further putting on over a million since its previous financial year as it ups the stakes from 5.8 million to 7.08 million! That's a lot of happy PES punters.

For the latest word on Seabass's finest, why not check out our chat with the great man himself at last week's E3, where he talks about England's chances in the world cup and the next evolution of Pro Evo on 360 and PS3.