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DS Lite shines on Europe from June 23

Chuck away your old grey handhelds! Nintendo's sexy new nugget is coming next month!

God bless the internet, with her tender morsels of videogame misinformation and untruth. But also bless the few occassions when frantic rumour and desperate clamour turn to FACT. Case in point: last week's revelation that Nintendo's classy redesigned handheld, the DS Lite, would be touching down in Europe on June 23. It's all true!

Nintendo has unveiled that the machine will indeed arrive precisely one week after the previously denied Nintendogs: Dalmation & Friends, one week before New Super Mario Bros. and a couple of weeks before those new-fangled brain training titles. Best of all, the DS Lite should only set you back a paltry 99.99 of your Great British pounds - less if you have the nounce to run down to your nearest game emporium and trade your old DS in before everyone else does the same, probably.

What's more, despite previous internet gossip, the DS Lite is set to arrive in a choice of two sleek colours - white or black. We've had ours for a while now and you can check out exactly what we think in our in-depth DS Lite hands-on (clue: it made us do a wee).