Ancel Wii-veals more Rayman

How you'll be using the Wii remote to control the limbless wonder come launch day

Despite the fact that Ubisoft insists on using those promo shots of the crazed goth teen with the mile-high hair travesty piled on top of her head, we're still quite excited by Michel Ancel's imminent return to the Rayman universe in Rayman Raving Rabbids, set to launch with Nintendo's Wii.

Speaking to IGN, Ancel has divulged a few nuggets regarding how the game will utilise the Wii's fancy new controller - and, frankly, we're a bit scared. Firstly, and most traditionally, Rayman's movement - including walking, run, jump and roll - will be performed using the nunchuck attachment, while the brand new fighting system works via the Wii remote.

You'll be able to perform Rayman's trademark puch move by literally punching with the controller in your hand, but that's not all. Apparently, the sensitivity of the remote means the game will recognise when you're punching from left to right and so on, meaning you can strategically bring down an onslaught of foes.

Ancel also reveals that grappling can be performed with a quick move of the nunchuck to latch on to nearby enemies. It's then possible to spin them around and launch them as projectiles by whirling the nunchuck around your head. Try not to get the cable wrapped round your neck then, obviously.

Apparently, Rayman's dive attack is achieved by launching yourself in the air and gesturing downward with both bits of the controller, performing a ground stomp worthy of Mario himself, we imagine. You can also perform kung fu moves by shaking the remote at will.

Once you've mounted a creature in the game - both eagles and sharks are given a mention by Ancel - you can ride them around by tilting the remote in the direction you want to travel. Ancel describes this as being "very natural to control".

Finally, and more mysteriously, it also seems you'll be able to dance with your bunny opponents, although Ancel stops short of revealing too much on this one: "I will let your imagination fly on that one!"

Rounding up the interview, Ancel gives his thoughts on developing for Nintendo's new system. "The hardware is perfect to develop games. It's easy to program so you can concentrate on developing new ideas and pushing your gameplay," he explains, "The controller is definitely innovative. This controller opens new ways to play games. As gamers, we will rediscover how to enjoy videogames. As developers, we must rethink our controls and gameplay to push the interactivity and immersion even further. "