Tenchu ninja-dashes onto PSP

We get our handheld ninja-thirst quenched with Tenchu: Time of the Assassins announced today for PSP

Heads up ninja fans: veteran stealth series Tenchu is officially on its way to Sony's slick PSP, and a quick glance at these first screenshots reveals that it's actually looking pretty promising.

Tenchu: Time of the Assassins is being developed as part of Sega's partnership with FromSoftware and K2 Studios - the developers of Tenchu: Fatal Shadows for PS2. All of the classic Tenchu characters are promised to return in the PSP game, and a 'free mission' mode is also set to contain 50 independent missions to complete after you've cleared the main campaign.

Wireless co-op and head-to-head wireless games are also set to feature, along with a level editor to create and share levels. Sadly, there's no news on the appearance of pirates just yet.

"Tenchu's gameplay offers all the strategy of a stealth game but none of the frustration" aptly commented SEGA's creative director, Matt Woodley. "This next release represents SEGA's commitment to providing compelling new content to the handheld market"

Tenchu: Time of the Assassins ninja-rolls into the shops on June 23. We'll be donning our ninja outfits and packing katanas and throwing stars to let you know how it turns out.