'Net cashes in on Blood Money demo

Agent 47's latest operation now available for sampling in 'Death of a Showman'

Hitman - aka Agent 47 - is demonstrating the latest in the art of assassination in a, er, PC demo of Blood Money that's seeped onto the internet.

A monster 759Mb, the demo features 'Death of a Showman', the first mission in the full game that apparently finds - we've not had the chance to check it out for ourselves yet - videogaming's deadliest bald man tracking down a target in a run-down theme park that's been converted into a drug lab. You can source the Blood Money taster from the usual download suspects.

In Hitman: Blood Money, Agent 47 flees to America to ply his trade after his contract agency is mysteriously eliminated in a series of hits. This time around, the assassin is paid in cold, hard cash for his 'services', and splurging the money's a key feature in the game - for example, you can purchase weapon upgrades and pass the press a backhander in order to keep Agent 47's mug off the front page.